Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greenville Window Tinting

Reduce Hot Spots & Heat In Your Home This Summer With Window Tinting

Carolina Shade Solutions offers consumers both commercial and residential window tinting services. Some of our window film products offer the ability to lower energy usage and continued savings on monthly energy bills. These window tinting films choose which part of the light spectrum to transmit and which part to reject. They permit the visible light rays and deter the harmful infra-red and ultraviolet light rays.

• rejects up to 70% of all total solar energy**
• blocks over 99.9% of all UV light rays-the main cause of fading
• blocks up to 98% of all infrared light rays - the main cause of heat**
• reduces distracting glare and fading of furniture and interior upholstery
• increases energy efficiency - reducing utility bills
• utilizes the worlds first nano-ceramic film technology*
• enhances overall aesthetic - no metallic or shiny effects
• provides impact protection - helps to hold shattered glass together
• residential limited lifetime and commercial fifteen-year limited product warranties*
Ceramic series only / ** depending upon which film is selected.

Reduce Heat In Summer with Enerlogic Window Tinting
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